PVAEM College is one of the premier Higher Eduacation Institutions located at Chainpur 53 KM South-West of district headquarters Gumla in the state of Jharkhand touching the boundary lines of neighbouring states Chattisgarh and Orisa in Sout-West and South East respectively. Chainpur is a small town in rural area heartland of a beautiful landscape surrounded by hills and forests. The Britishers called the landscape “Barway” meaning the way is barred by natural boundary for the entry of invaders, intruders, foreigners and the like. Not with standing rural ambience, Chainpur town comprises adminitrative headquarters of Sub-division, Block and Post office. It is hub of social communication, commercial activities and academic learning. Old oral tradition and local folklore unfolds nostalgic epic about the tribal community of Chotanagpur (bigger administrative division). The tribal community migrated from Rohtasgarh to Chotanagpur and some community members settled in Barway during the pre-independence era. The tribal people are recognized as the indigenous habitants of the place as per Govt. record. The Tribal community consists of sub-tribes, namely, Oraon, Munda, Kharia, Asur, Birhor, etc. Govt. record shows 97% inhabitants of local area are tribal people. As their native land is far flung from modern ambience, the tribal people are socially, economically and academically backward. Post Independent Indian Govt. took initiative to bring the tribal people to the main streams of national life through various welfare schemes. Such one of the welfare schemes was free education for children up to the age of 14. But, after matriculation the local tribal youth had hardly any chance to join and pursue Higher Education as the cost of higher education in cities would go beyond affordable price. Some Honorable and well meaning local people shared their dream of setting up a college for the local young men and women. As with full determination and dedication the founder fathers made tireless efforts in acquiring land property, raising funds and moving the Govt. machinery. Eventually, their long cherished dream came true when college was established in 1975. The College was christened after the name of ParamVir Albert Ekka, son of the soil and hailing from neighboring village Jari, Paramvir Chakra Award winner in Indo-Pak war 1971.

The college was started with base minimum facilities in the premises of Barway High School. In the beginning there were 50 students, 6 teachers and the principal, Fr. Cyprian Ekka. In 1981 the college was shifted from Barway High School to the present campus. The college was granted affiliation to Ranchi University Ranchi in Arts subjects with B. A. Honours in Hindi, Sanskrit, Political Science, History, Economics, Geography and B. A. Genral course in English, Kurux and Maths in the year 1977 on temporary basis and permanent affiliation granted in 1986. The institution is recognized under section 2(f) and section 12B of the UGC act, dated 13.05.1997. NSS and NCC wings have been established and active in the College.

From its very  inception the college is devoted to up hold and translate its vision and mission through providing qualitative and value based Higher Education at affordable price to the rural youth of the  locality. The institution aspires to fulfill the dreams of the founder fathers by catering to the needs of the students at present and in future to come.



“”It is my privileged honor to share with the readers the mission and vision of the envisages and strives to impart quality education and training with the distinctive Christian spirit   empowering young men and women to promote social justice and national patriotism.””        

                                                                    ~Innocent Kujur


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Being the Vice-Principal of Paramvir Albert Ekka Memorial College, Chainpur Gumla, I feel greatly honour and blessed to have a premier educational institution in the heartland of Barway providing opportunity for higher education for the less privileged tribal boys and girls in the area. 

 ~Augustus Ekka